Construyendo la Compañia Inteligente

Core of Daimler Trucks North America IT Strategy

New opportunities and accelerated advancements in technology are changing businesses around the world in a drastic and dynamic manner.

The commercial vehicle manufacturing industry is no exception and developments such as autonomous driving, additive manufacturing, and artificial intelligence are integrating into the value chain in an effective and future-oriented way.

Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA), in partnership with Ginkgo Management Consulting, has developed a comprehensive IT strategy to drive their transformation towards the Intelligent Company.

Contrary to perceiving IT as a mere cost factor which needs to be optimized and trimmed by efficiency, this strategy allows DTNA to regard the corporate IT function as a collaborative partner and thought leader that is driving digital transformation.

The Intelligent Company strategy positions IT to be the technological enabler for all digitalization efforts at DTNA. At its core, the new strategy aims at utilizing data as DTNA’s key asset to facilitate data-driven intelligent decision-making as well as to drive business optimization and innovation through smart data usage.

Overall, the DTNA IT strategy focuses on six strategic building blocks:

  • Connected and Electrified Vehicles: Driving the development towards trucks as smart and clean digital assets
  • Autonomous Vehicles: Developing the technological capabilities for autonomous trucks and associated new business models
  • Customer Experience: Elevating customer interaction into the digital and data-driven age
  • Smart Factories and Logistics: Developing smart factories to enable DTNA to build smart trucks
  • Data Driven: Using data in all decision-making processes throughout DTNA
  • Cyber Security: Safeguarding IoT and connectivity



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