Lidera Freightliner segmento de carga

Lidera Freightliner segmento de carga en julio

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Of the 2,478 cargo units marketed at retail last July in Mexico, 29.7% were Freightliner, that is, 736 units, according to the Administrative Registry of the Automotive Industry of Heavy Vehicles (RAIAVP).

The total of cargo vehicles in July represent less 6.9% compared to the same month of 2019. The accumulated for this segment reached 12 thousand 208 units, which represent a decrease of 40.4% compared to the period January-July 2019, which which still reflects a market that has been hit hard by the crisis arising from the pandemic.

According to data collected by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), at the wholesale level, Freightliner sold 878 units, that is, 36.4%, leading this list of sales in July.

In this same category of Class 4 to 8 vehicles, Kenworth Mexicana obtained a 27.5% market share with 682 retail units; wholesale were 714 vehicles (29.6%).

International sold 576 cargo vehicles, which gave it a 23.2% retail market share; 533 wholesale (22.1%).

Hino , with 169 units represents 6.8% at retail; 11 wholesale; Isuzu , with 113 cargo vehicles, obtained 4.6% at retail; 117 wholesale.

Volkswagen Trucks and Buses with 71, reported 2.9% of the market; Scania with 64 units achieved 2.6% retail market share. Wholesale 67 and 64, respectively.

Volvo Trucks sold 40 cargo vehicles and Mack Trucks 18 units; 8 and 10 wholesale, respectively, while MAN Truck & Bus Mexico reported seven retail units and eight wholesale units.


Source Magazine Magazzine de México

Lidera Freightliner segmento de carga en julio 

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